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Rewards lowered due to BTC price

Posted 13 days ago

It’s been a while since I last posted an update for PokeBits.

Due to the BTC price rising lately I have had to lower rewards for Quests and Poke Shop. I have also lowered the costs of purchasing Pokemon in the Poke Mart, as well as costs to upgrade the Poke Shop.

These values will now automatically reflect the BTC price as it moves up and down.

Need your help!

Posted 6 months ago

Hey guys!
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Posted 6 months ago

Please read the topic carefully.

Can’t withdraw?

Posted 8 months ago

Updates 8.10.2016

Posted 8 months ago

Find out yourself. Ha.

Hope you enjoy the new PB guys!

Skills system launched!

Posted 8 months ago

The new Skills system is now available for all users. With this new update you can get your Pokemon to learn skills for use in battle.

For more information about the Skills system visit the Pokemon Skill Guide page

Enjoy the update!