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About PokeBits Bitcoin RPG

Welcome to the first Bitcoin Pokemon RPG game ever created. Here you can earn bitcoin by doing Pokemon battles (LIVE!), by training in training area, level up your Pokemon, get free bitcoin from the Poke Shop,  and more!
PokeBits is an online RPG game.  You can also gain levels by completing quests and traveling the world. Expand your collection with a vast range of classic Pokemon and claim your rights as Gym Champions and collect the 8 Gym Badges. Progress further in the game to unlock more quests and locations!

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Collect Pokemon

Expand your collection in this Pokemon RPG featuring all original 151. Can you battle and catch’em all?!

Complete Quests

Carry out your adventure in the Pokemon world of Kanto following in the footsteps of the legendary trainer

Collect Gym Badges

Prove your worth against the 8 Elite Gym Leaders, battle them to obtain their Pokemon Gym Badge as your own!

Deep Awesome Epic Thrilling Legendary Adventures Await You In PokeBits Bitcoin RPG

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Pokemon Waiting to be Caught

PokeBits is a unique Pokemon Bitcoin browser game!

Join today for free and begin your journey on PokeBits. Visit this website and Trade your PokeBits for real money!
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